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    Billabong Boardshort Styles

    Billabong Boardshort Styles

    Billabong has 6 types of boardshort styles currently to give a broad range of appeal, functionality, and pricing. We're giving you the run down of what each one brings.

    PlatinumX Airlite - The pinnacle of boardshort design, Platinum X Airlite combines unprecedented levels of flexibility, stability and comfort into one boardshort. Airlit's flex-weld waistband technology encompasses a sliced welded flexural waist-band, seamlessly bonded to a stretch weave fabric that allows movement and torque through the hips, while maintaining comfort and security. Engineered multi-tier stretch jacquard weaves enable 360* Omni-directional movement and flexibility by anatomically mapping the patterns to the body's movements through critical zones in the boardshort. Airlite's signature engineered stretch jacquard weaves are lighter than traditional stretch boardshort fabrics. The anatomical mapping of these weaves combined with stretch welded seams, allow radial movement through the entirety of the boardshort, amplifying performance. Airlite dobby weaves boost micro perforations that enhance breathability, limit cling to the body and are critical to rash-free sessions.

    Features airlite stretch fabric, micro repel, stretch welded seams, flex-weld, and performance fit.

    PlatinumX Pro - Features shred right, micro repel, stretch welded seams, and performance fit.

    PlatinumX - Features shred right, 4-way stretch, micro repel, with performance fit.

    Lowtides - Features shred right, micro repel, cotton blend, lasso waist, on seam pockets, with lo tides fit.

    Originals - Features supreme suede, micro repel, with performance fit.

    Laybacks - Features cotton blend, micro repel, with laybacks fit.

    Airlite Stretch Fabric - Airlite Omni-Directional Engineered, stretch jacquard weave fabric technology.

    Micro Repel - Improved Micro Repel fabric coatings eliminate saturation and repel water, keeping your boardshorts dryer and lighter, longer.

    Stretch Welded Seams - Stretch welded seams minimize stitching detail, maximizing flexibility whilst eliminating rash.

    Flex-weld - Airlite flex-weld waistband technology allows movement and torque through the hips, whilst maintaining comfort and security.

    Performance fit - Precisely engineered patterns to minimize seams for enhanced stretch and performance.

    Shred Right - Billabong Shred Right 4-way stretch fabric made from shredded and recycled PET. One pair of boardshorts keeps approximately 25 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean or a landfill.

    4-Way Stretch - Featuring extra fine & tightly compressed yarns for a smooth hand, consistent 4-way stretch.

    Cotton Blend - Features unique cotton blend fabric that combines the breathable vintage softness and look of cotton with the stretchable performance of polyester. We believe performance should never come at the expense of style, and thanks to our cotton blend, it doesn't have to.

    Lasso Waist - Features a full waist drawcord for the ideal fit.

    On Seam Pockets - On seam, side pockets that will take you from surf to sand.

    Lo Tides fit - A shorter cut and modern fit perfect for either a quick shred or lounge on the beach.

    Supreme Suede - The perfect combination of softness and durability, an unmatched option for comfort and the surf lifestyle.

    Laybacks fit - A shorter, modern fit with full elastic & drawcord want and on seam pockets. Perfect for either a quick poolside dip or for lazing on the soda.

    Carhartt New Products 2016

    Carhartt New Products 2016

    Carhartt, Inc. is a family owned company that started in 1889. It is owned by the descendants of the founder of the company, Hamilton Carhartt. Their headquarters is located in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Carhartt focuses on work clothes like jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, shirts, vests, jeans, and fire resistant clothing.

    Here are their new released products:

    Carhartt For Men:

    1. Jackets - Shoreline Vortex, Full Swing Briscoe
    2. Shirts - Force Extremes Short Sleeve, Force Cotton Delmont Squared Pocket Short Sleeve Graphic, Force Extremes Pocket Polo, Essential Plaid Button-Down Short Sleeve, Force Extremes Quarter Zip Long Sleeve, Bozeman Short Sleeve, Essential Plaid Open Collar Short Sleeve, Force Mandan Button-Down Short Sleeve, Fort Plaid Short Sleeve, Workwear Graphic Faded Back Camo Pocket Short Sleeve, Workwear Graphic Branded C Pocket Short Sleeve, Maddock Graphic Fly Fishing Pocket Short Sleeve, Workwear Graphic Hunting Dogs Pocket Short Sleeve, Maddock Graphic Live to Hunt Pocket Short Sleeve, Force Cotton Delmont Ombre 1889 Graphic Short Sleeve, Maddock Non-Pocket Graphic Detroit Mural Short Sleeve, Force Extremes Short SleeveCarhartt Youth t-shirt
    3. Pants - Force Extremes Cargo Pant, Force Extremes Convertible Pant
    4. Shorts - Rugged Cargo Donley, Force Extremes Cargo
    5. Overalls/Coveralls - Force Extremes Bib Overalls, Belfast Bib Overall
    6. Caps - Crosby Caps, Gaines Cap, Force Mandan Boonie, Midland Cap, Hartley Cap

    Carhartt For Women:

    1. Jackets/Hoodies/Sweatshirt - Cascade Jacket, Carhartt Force Equator Jacket, Rockford Windbreaker, Mountrail Jacket, Brewster Denim Jacket, El Paso Utility Jacket, Clarksburg Quarter Zip Sweatshirt, Dunlow Sweatshirt, Hayward Zip Front Zip Hoodie, Coleharbor Hoodie
    2. Shirts - Carhartt Force Performance Quarter Zip, Force T-Shirt Striped, Carhartt Force Performance Tank, Milam Shirt, Milam Shirt Printed, Medina Shirt, Huron Shirt, Calumet V-Neck, Brogan Shirt, Calumet Crewneck, Script Logo T-shirtCarhartt Youth Girls T-shirt
    3. Pants - Original Fit Crawford Pant, Relaxed Fit El Paso Cropped Pant, El Paso Cropped Pant Camo, Cross Flex Utility Boot Cut Scrub Pant, Cross Flex Flat Front Flare Scrub Pant
    4. Caps - El Paso Ripstop Military Cap, El Paso Military Cap Camo, Malden Cap, Lawson Cap

    Carhartt For Kids:

    1. Shirts - Live To Fish Force Tee, Carhartt Dog Tee, Farm Tested Tee, Live Outdoors Tee, Real Horsepower Tee, Moto C Tee, 4-Wheeler Tee, Camo Deer Head Tee, Deer Antler Tee, Vertical Carhartt Deer Tee, Realtree Xtra Raglan Tee, Wilderness Division Force Tee, Hunt More Force Tee, Force Mesh Raglan Tee, Infant/Toddler Tool Belt Tee, Infant/Toddler Out Fish Them All Tee
    2. Bodyshirt - Infant/Toddler Tractor Print, Infant/Toddler Monster Tough, Infant/Toddler Tiny But Tough, Infant/Toddler Fishing C, Infant/Toddler Little Hunting Buddy, Infant/Toddler Young Buck, Infant/Toddler Born Tough, Infant/Toddler A Dogs Life Printed
    3. Shorts - Infant/Toddler Washed Work Camo Ripstop Bib Shortall, Canvas Bib Shortall, Infant/Toddler Tan Camo Cargo Short, Infant/Toddler Canvas Cargo Short, Ripstop Cargo Short 

    Carhartt Footwear:

    1. 6-Inch Bison Brown Work Hiker Boot, Force 10 Inch Brown Waterproof Pull On, Force 8 Inch Dark Brown Work Boot With Zipper, Force 4 Inch Black Waterproof Slip On.
    Carhartt for kids 2016

      Neff Headwear Bestseller Products of 2016

      Neff Headwear Bestseller Products of 2016

      Neff Headwear, Inc. is a company that produces hats, gloves, beanies, tees, and many other accessories. Their products are mostly focused on the snowboarding, surfing, skating, and lifestyle markets. The products of the company are being sold in many retail outlets both online and in actual stores all over the United States and in over 45 countries worldwide. With the continual demand, Neff Headwear, Inc. continues to release new products.

      Here is a list of their top bestseller products for this year 2016:

      Neff Headwear for men bestseller:

      1. Beanies - Fold Heather Beanie, Daily Reversible Beanie
      2. Caps - Daily Pattern Cap, Palm Breeze 6 Panel Decon Polo, Station Cap, Battlekat Cap, Last Sunset CapNeff cap 2016
      3. Shades - Brodie Shades, Gold Brodie Shades, Richard Sherman Brodie Shades, Daily Shades, Thunder Shades, Zero Shades, Daily Chrome Shades
      4. Tanks - Fractalkat Tank, Kirk Tank
      5. Tee - Clayton Raglan Drop Tail, Bosley Drop Tee, Digi Skull Washed Tee, HST Simpsons Tee, Paradise Box Tee, 3 Ahmigos Tee, Yung Lisa Simpsons Tee, Lone Wolf Tee, Sunset Concord Teeneff mens digi skull washed short sleeve t shirt
      6. Hoodies - Bear Hoodie, New World Hoodie, Winter Camp Tee Hoodie, Corporate Hoodie
      7. Jackets - Trifecta 2 Mens Jacket, MVP Jacket, Dylan Thompson Specialist JacketNeff Jacket 2016

      Neff Headwear for women bestseller:

      1. Beanies - Daily Beanie, Daily Heather Beanie, Heart Beanie, Kim Beanie, Fold Beanie, Fold Heather Beanie, Jillian Beanie, Cupcake Beanie, Kaycee Beanie, Grams Beanie, Daily Sparkle Beanie, Snowflake Beanie, Krystal Beanie, Cara Beanie, Rosie Boucle Beanie, Kris Beanie
      2. Caps - Heidi Trucker Cap, Sunday Women's Baseball Cap, Sprung Cap, Sunset Foam Trucker Cap, Aphrodite Hat
      3. Shades - Oswald Shades, Zero Shades, Jillian Shades, Daily Chrome Shades, Daily Shades, Daily Ice Shades, Brodie Shades
      4. Watches - Flava Watch, Daily Ice Watch, Esteban Watch, Esteban Pu Watch, Nightly Watch, Daily Woven Watch

      2016 Dickies New Products

      2016 Dickies New Products

      Ever since the start of the company, Dickies has been known to be the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide. Their products are not just sold in the United States alone but also in other parts of the world. Their credibility is certainly unequivocal because the company has been operating since 1918.

      Aside from work apparels, Dickies also produces other accessories like backpacks, steel-toe boots, and belts.

      Here are the new released products that they have:

      2016 Dickies For Men:

      1. Jeans - Regular Fit Boot Cut 5, Relaxed Fit Straight Straight Leg, Tough Max Relaxed Fit Straight Leg 5-pocket Carpenter, X-Series Flex Slim Fit Skinny Leg 5-Pocket, X-Series Flex Regular Fit Straight Leg 5-Pocket, X-Series Flex Slim Fit Tapered 5-Pocket, X-Series Button Fly Regular Fit Straight Leg 5-Pocket, X-Series Loose Fit Straight Leg 5-Pocket, Multi-Pocket Performance Shop, Flex Sanded Stretch Duck Coverall, Flex Sanded Stretch Duck Bib Overall, ‘67 Slim Fit Straight Leg Industrial, ‘67 Regular Fit Straight Leg Industrial, ‘67 Twill Pant with Pivot-Tek
      2. Jackets/Hoodies/Coat - Flex Sanded Stretch Duck Coat, Flex Sanded Stretch Duck Jacket, Sherpa Lined Fleece Hoodie, Performance Fleece Full Zip Hoodie, Industrial Insulated Color Block Jacket, ‘67 Industrial Service Jacket, ‘67 French Terry Full Zip Hoodie, Performance Full Zip Softshell Jacket, Performance Light Shell Jacket
      3. Shirts - Industrial WorkTech Long Sleeve Ventilated Performance, ‘67 Short Sleeve Pocket, Flex Relaxed Fit Short Sleeve Twill

      2016 Dickies For Women:

      1. Jackets/Hoodies - Plaited Jersey Full Zip Hoodie, Women’s Performance Full Zip Hoodie, Sherpa Bonded Fleece Jacket, Sweater Hooded Jacket
      2. Shirt - Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel, Long Sleeve Thermal Tee
      3. Shorts - Performance Bi-stretch, 7” Relaxed Fit Stretch Canvas
      4. Pants - Flex Comfort Waist (EMT and Plus), Relaxed Cargo

      2016 Dickies For Children (Boys):

      1. Overalls - Duck Bib 8-20, Sanded Duck Bib 8-20, Duck Bib 4-7, Toddler Duck Bib, Denim Bib 4-7
      2. Shorts - Relaxed Ripstop Cargo, Flex Classic Fit Ultimate Khaki 8-20, Flex Slim Fit Ultimate Khaki 8-20, Relaxed Fit FlexWaist Ripstop Cargo 4-7
      3. Shirt - Short Sleeve Performance Tee, Fleece Crew, Fleece Pullover Hoodie

      Top Boardshorts Brands 2016

      Top Boardshorts Brands 2016

      Boardshort are popular form of beach wear and all-purpose summer wear. They were primarily made for aquatic sports , specifically for surfing. The name “boardshorts” was based on their use in aquatic sports using a board like surfing. They are called in different names in different countries like surf trunks, swim shorts, boardies, and baggies.

      Because of its popularity and increasing demand, many clothing companies have initiated the production and manufacture of boardshorts. Here are the top boardshorts brands that are present in the market:

      1. Hurley - an American multinational company that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, international marketing, and selling of surf apparel and accessories. They are based in Costa Mesa, California and is owned by Nike, Inc. since 2002.

      Hurley Mens Phantom One & Only 19" Boardshorts Hurley Mens Phantom Julian Boardshorts
      2. Quiksilver - an Australian, American-based company and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of surfwear and other boardsport related equipments. They are located in Huntington Beach, California.
      Quick Silver Boardshort 2016Quiksilver Mens New Wave 20 Boardshorts
      3. RVCA - a company closely associated with skateboard and surf culture. They are also based in Costa Mesa, California.
      rvca boardshort 2016RVCA Mens VA 19 Boardshorts  2016
      4. Billabong - a surf company, primarily a clothing retailer. They are among the very first ones to manufacture boardshorts in Australia. They are based in Queensland, Australia but their products are available internationally.
      Billabongs Mens Pulse X BoardshortBillabong Mens Spinner Microlux Lo Tides Boardshort
      5. O’neill - an American surfboard, surfwear and equipment brand which started in 1952. They were credited as the company who invented the wetsuit. They are now based in San Francisco, California.
      6. Volcom - a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products. They are headquartered in Costa Mesa, California.
      7. Body Glove - a surf, skateboard, watersports brand that was founded in the United States in 1953. They are located in Redondo Beach, California.
      8. Ocean and Earth - the world’s leading manufacturer of surfboard leashes and surfboard covers. They also make tailpads (deck grips), tie down roof racks, boardshorts, and other apparel. They are based in Sussex Inlet, NSW, Australia.

      These companies in the list are just few of the manufacturers of boardshorts. Nowadays, almost all of the swimwear companies manufacture boardshorts.

      The Smooth Shop is a company that carry most of the boardshorts brands. Their products can be bought both in their store at Logan, Utah and also online. They serve a variety of products with an outstanding service that you can count on.