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    Another brand that The Smooth Shop is carrying is Alpinestars. Although the company is known to be a producer and manufacturer of protective products, The Smooth Shop focuses more on their line of apparel and other accessories like sweatshirts, caps, and t-shirts.


    About Alpinestars

    Alpinestars was founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo, a leather craftsman, in a small town of Asolo in Northern Italy. The company started in producing hiking and ski boots, but immediately changed its focus to making boots for motocross racing as well as road racing boots. Since motocross was a new sport being established and becoming more popular all over Europe, Sante found an opportunity to apply his talents and technical cleverness to design a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of the new discovered sport.

    The company is now a manufacturer of technical and high performance protective gear for motorcycle and auto racing like MotoGP, Motocross, Formula One, and NASCAR as well as action sports like mountain biking and surfing. Aside from the protective gears, they also produce a variety of apparel and accessories.

    The company’s vision and desire is to continually introduce innovative products that will take performance to new and higher levels. Right now, Alpinestars has furnished incalculable world champions past and present and produces the highest level of performance and protective footwear and apparel.

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