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    St. Christopher Necklaces

    St. Christopher Necklaces

    St. Christopher Surf Necklaces and Jewelry in Logan and St. George, UT

    Back in the 60s and 70s, Saint Christopher jewelry was a staple in the Southern California surfing community. But the tradition goes back even further. Saint Christopher is the patron saint for travelers and was particularly venerated among sailors and other sea traveling people who prayed for safe passage across stormy waters.

    Surfers took on St. Christopher as their own patron saint, wearing small medallions with his image and the phrase, “Saint Christopher Protect Us.” It’s only recently that these pendants of the past have made a comeback to the surf scene. What was once an iconic symbol of surfing culture has returned in full force embodying the good, chill life.

    Be Part of the Legacy with Saint Christopher Jewelry

    Carry that good vibes only lifestyle with you everywhere with your own St. Christopher surf necklace. Or wear Saint Christopher pendants as a ring or earrings, on a bracelet, or with another piece of jewelry. Whether you’re out catching waves or dreaming about those perfect days in the water, be a part of the ongoing story with Saint Christopher jewelry.

    Layer different sizes of pendants (mini, small, medium, and large) or mix it up with several color options including the popular light blue Saint Christopher necklace. Buy your medallion with a choker or a standard 18” chain in our complete sets. Even after years of use, these gold and silver Saint Christopher pendants won’t lose their fine quality.

    Shop for St. Christopher necklaces and pendants online or in-person at The Smooth Shop, located in Logan and St. George, UT.