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    Stance Socks

    Stance Socks

    Stance Socks in Logan and St. George, UT

    Stance socks are more than just mere accessories. They have become cultural icons, thanks in part to their broad appeal from stylish designs and an ultra-comfortable fit. Wear them for everyday use or as athletic socks. Every pair of Stance socks is made with high-quality materials that draw out moisture to keep your feet feeling and smeller better for longer.

    Rather than just creating run-of-the-mill socks, the founders of Stance saw an opportunity to imbue pop culture and individuality into a largely disregarded category of clothing. Once you find your favorite pair of Stance socks, there’s no turning back.

    Shop for socks that express your personality with brands and styles you love, including:

    Socks have never been more exciting! We at The Smooth Shop are proud to play our part in helping you find the perfect pair of Stance socks. Stop by our store either in Logan or St. George, UT for friendly and personalized service. Or you can search for your favorites online and have them shipped to you or ordered for in-store pickup. It’s time to step up your sock game.