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    World-Famous Volcom Summer and Winter Apparel Sold Online

    St. George is a wonderful place to live in Utah if you are looking for warm weather and mild winters. In fact, with an average of 255 sunny days in the year, you would be hard-pressed to find a better town in the tri-state area! Meanwhile in Northern Utah, when the winter rolls around, it’s time to take a vacation to the coast to soak up some rays. Want to escape the heat and tackle the brand-new powder of Olympic-quality skiing or head for the beach for the best sun and surf on the west coast?

    That’s where the Smooth Shop comes in! Here at our online store, we offer only the finest selection of men's and women’s Volcom apparel. Volcom’s style is unmistakable, their quality is unrivaled, and we guarantee you will be prepared for any outdoor adventure. And with a history as prolific and storied as Volcom’s, you will not be disappointed.

    Sleek and High-Quality Apparel for the Whole Family

    Whether your travels take you to Park City, Lake Tahoe, Haleiwa, Santa Cruz, or stretching into international excursions, Volcom gear has world-renowned form and function for any setting. The Smooth Shop’s Volcom collection is unmatched in Utah. The Smooth Shop is dedicated to bringing Volcom products straight to your door with high-quality service. Be aware that the Volcom Snow products we offer are sold online only. You can find all other Volcom apparel in our shops or online. Order world-class outdoor apparel with just a few clicks, and we can save your valuable time and prepare you for your adventures!

    Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding have become ingrained in modern culture. There’s nothing like tearing up a wave, speeding through pure powder, or freestyling across town. Volcom combines the culture of modern adventure and fashion into a single collection for men, women, and children. Check out our deals on Volcom apparel at The Smooth Shop and experience the difference we can make for your upcoming travels. You’ll be glad you did!

    We make online apparel shopping easy. Our super-fast two- to three-day in-state shipping means you can better plan for your upcoming vacations without having to worry about getting your Volcom clothes in time. Processing times may be longer during high-volume seasons, but we always stock up on Volcom apparel because of its popularity. If something doesn’t fit, feel free to send it back in thirty days. Check out our FAQ for more info.

    Volcom True to This

    Volcom was founded in 1991 with an emphasis on combining board sports, music, art, and film into one lifestyle brand. They were the first to combine surfing, skating, and snowboarding under one brand. These extreme sports had been true underdogs in society but companies like Volcom and the professional athletes (and they are certainly athletes) that pioneered these sports have changed the way the world views high-octane exhibitions. Their initial focus came under their first tagline “Youth Against Establishment,” but Volcom updated their motto to TRUE TO THIS. Sharing the same title as their recent motion picture about the development of America’s first boarding company, Volcom declares that everyone should stay true to themselves.

    Volcom’s journey began with two friends, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall, taking a snowboarding trip to Tahoe that would change history. Since then, Volcom has become an international leader in winter and summer outdoor apparel and sportswear. Many extreme sports athletes have been sponsored by the brand, including the American Olympic snowboarder Elena Hight, junior Supergirl Pro surfer Coco Ho, the prolific ISF World Champion Terje Håkonsen, and X Games legend Rune Glifberg. When it comes to quality, Volcom spares no expense. They keep their women’s and men’s wear affordable for everyone interested in both winter and summer sports, and their positive influence continues to help the extreme sports community flourish.

    The Excellence of The Smooth Shop

    Looking to visit The Smooth Shop? We have three locations based in St. George, Riverton, and Logan, Utah. Shop our Volcom collection to outfit you and your family at our online store or in one of our locations. You will love your brand-new Volcom style.

    Volcom was founded in 1991 with an emphasis on combining board-sports, music, art and film into one lifestyle brand. They were the first to combine surfing, skating and snowboarding under one brand. Volcom has been TRUE TO THIS.

    Check out our great selection of Volcom apparel!