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    Billabong is a clothing retailer that produces clothing apparel, watches, backpacks, skateboard and surfboard products, and many more. The company was founded in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant. It all began when Gordon designed and created board shorts at his home and sold them to surf shops locally. The durability of Merchant’s shorts impressed his buyers which led to the expansion of his company to attain more success. The company then commenced sponsoring contests. With that, the company’s products became more popular all throughout Australia and eventually, in other nations as well like Japan, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Right now, Billabong is known worldwide. They are considered as one of the leading surf brands in the world. More and more people are using their products even by some of the most prestigious and well-respected sports players in the industry. In terms of quality and durability, Billabong’s products are uncompromisable and that is what keeps this brand’s standing unparallelled.

    The Smooth Shop is one of the companies that sells Billabong products like boardshorts, shirts, caps, shorts, rashguards, hoodies, backpacks, sandals, belts, tank tops, wallets, etc.


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