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    Boardshorts are a style of men’s, and recently, women’s summerwear. These kind of shorts were originally made for aquatic sports like surfing. They were initially called “Surf Trunks”, then as “Jams”, and sometimes in British English as “Swim Shorts”. Today, boardshorts have become a famous general beach wear and all-purpose summer wear. They are also typically worn in men’s beach volleyball.

    The name “boardshorts” was derived from their use in aquatic sports that uses a board like surfing. These shorts are designed to be quick-drying and are made from durable and smooth polyester or nylon material. They are comfortable and lightweight and are well adapted to use in different kinds of active watersports.

    Boardshorts are very popular in many parts of the world like Australia, South Africa, and North America. There are several sports apparel companies that manufacture these kind of shorts like Body Glove, Birdwell Beach Britches, Hurley, Kanvas by Katin, Killer Dana, Volcom, and O’neil in California; Billabong, Quicksilver, Ripcurl, and Ocean and Earth in Australia; and Dunstan Surfwear in Sri Lanka.

    Because of the rising demand of the boardshorts, retail stores have increased as well. In the United States alone, there are numerous stores that sell this kind of product. They are not just found on display in these stores, but they can also be found in online stores for an easier customer access and to avoid the hassle of falling in long lines just to get the product.

    In Logan, Utah, one great store is located in 695 W 1700 S Bldg 8. It is The Smooth Shop! This is a store that many customers trust because all they give are quality products and incomparable service. Whether online or not, at The Smooth Shop, the customers are always given the best priority. They are known as one of the best boardshorts online store!