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    Safety Glasses or Goggles are created for different purposes. They are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particulates, water, or chemicals from striking the eyes. They are often used in snow sports like snow skiing.

    History of Ski Goggles

    The early people of Alaska, Greenland, Russia Far East, and Canada made snow goggles from caribou antler, wood, and shell to help prevent snow blindness. The said goggles were curved to fit the user’s face. It also has a large groove cut in the back to allow for the nose. There is also a long thin slit cut through to the goggles to allow in a small amount of light, thus diminishing the subsequent ultraviolet rays. These goggles were held to the head by a cord made of caribou sinew.

    Nowadays, the most modern ski goggles have two layers of lens to prevent the interior from becoming foggy. If there is only one lens, the interior water vapor will condense onto the lens because the lens is colder than the vapor. Anti-fog agents can be used, though. The advantage of having double lens is that the inner lens will be warm while the outer lens is cold. This dual layer lenses should be air-tight to prevent water vapor from getting in between the lenses.

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